Brazil Santos Direct Trade - One Pound (16 oz.)

Single origin Brazil Santos Direct Trade from the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil, specifically the Sao Francisco Farm

This direct trade Brazil Santos is low in acidity, which allows us to process at a relatively high temperature or “medium dark roast” (by our standards) without the bitterness that is often associated with similarly roasted beans. In the cup, it is well rounded, balanced, fruity and consistently smooth. We discovered this direct trade gem through a micro-roaster friend of ours from Central Ohio a little over a year ago. We brought it to the attention of one of our brokers in Indiana who in turn has been able to keep a ready supply on hand for us. It is fast becoming one of our best sellers thanks to several independent coffee shops, such as Tree City in Kent, OH, who have made their “house blend.” We like it because it is big, bold and full of chocolaty earthiness and cocoa.

Availability and prices may change based on the conditions of the coffee market at that time.

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