Nicaraguan Direct Trade - One Pound (16 oz.)

Single Origin, Arabica beans from the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua

For our Nicaraguan Direct Trade Organic, we have partnered with a Central Ohio Mennonite Church, with a mission based in Nicaragua. Through our relationship with this broker, we have been able to bring Direct Trade coffee from the Diego Chavarria farm in Matagalpa, Nicaragua to Cleveland, OH. Direct Trade means that we have negotiated fairly and equally with the farmer that produces the coffee to ensure a sustainable and fair price for all parties involved. Mr. Chavarria’s coffee is grown at high altitudes of over 3500 feet in old shade canopies. This coffee is a medium, full body roast, with mild acidity. In the cup, it is smooth and well-balanced with chocolaty notes and hints of hazelnut and vanilla.

Availability and prices may change based on the conditions of the coffee market at that time.

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