Manual Drip Coffee

Necessary Equipment:

Pourover Device Such as:

Chemex, V60, Beehouse, Kalita Wave

Matching Filters for Pourover Device

Kitchen Scale - Any will do

Coffee - Hopefully one of ours!

Gooseneck Kettle - we suggest Bonavita


We use a 14:1 Water to Coffee Ratio for our Coffee at Solstice, while industry standard is between 12:1 and 18:1.


Step One:

Heat water in kettle.  While doing so, insert a Filter into your Device.  If using Chemex, place so that the heavy 3 flap side sitting against the pour spout.


Step Two:

Wet Filter with Hot water, simultaneously prepping filter and warming up your cup.


Step Three:

Dump Water from cup or from Chemex using spout - leave the filter in place as it can be difficult to re-align a wet filter into the device.


Step Four:

Weigh out X grams of coffee.  When you grind for a pourover, we recommend a medium grind size.  At your local grocery store, you would set the grinder to "drip".  Any local coffeeshop should have the knowledge to grind for your device.  Once you've weighed your ground coffee, pour into filter.  Try to get grounds to be a flat bed before moving to the next step.  We do so by giving our Chemex a little shake.


Step Five:

Tare your scale.  Pour X times two grams of water in a circular pattern onto grounds, wetting all of the coffee.  This is called the "Bloom".  You may see the coffee bubble, which is the release of stored gasses and begins the activation and extractions of the flavors in the coffee.  Let this process happen for 30 to 45 seconds.


Step Six:

Pour water gently in a circular motion around the outer portion of the grounds until you get to 14 times the weight of the coffee grounds in grams of water.  This may take more than one pour, though if you release the water slowly enough, you may be able to get it all in one pour.  Do not pour above the glass on a Chemex even if the filter sits above that line.  If you need to do multiple pours, wait for the water level to drop enough for a second pour.


Step Seven:

Allow all water to drain through the filter.  When you no longer see water in the filter, take filter full of grounds out of the pourover device and dispose in any way you see fit.  Coffee is compostable if are into such things.


Enjoy your coffee with a friend!  Or if you don't want to share, that's up to you!