French Press

Necessary Equipment:

French Press

Kitchen Scale - Any will do

Coffee - Hopefully one of ours!

Hot Water right off of a boil


For French Press, we use a 12:1 ratio, as a this is an immersion brew method.  Immersion brewing brings lower acidity while featuring the richest boldest flavors in a coffee.  You will want to have very coarsely ground coffee to allow for greatest surface area per grain of coffee.


Step One:

Take French Press - for this exercise we will assume a 32 oz press - and add 2.66 ounces of coffee.  For those without a scale, add 6 heaping tablespoons of coffee.  


Step Two:

Pour in 30 ounces of water, or until French Press is full.  Place cap on the press, but do not yet push grounds to bottom of vessel.  We want them to be fully immersed in the water.  Wait for 3 minutes.


Step Three:

Press grounds to bottom of vessel, and pour delicious French Press coffee into your mug!