Apex Blend - One Pound (16 oz.)

A blend of Natural Ethiopian Guji Hambela and Brazil Cerrado

We think we’ve come up with something pretty special with Apex Blend. From where coffee culture began in the 14th century, natural processed Ethiopian Guji is said to be the finest from the African continent. Its profile is earthy, grassy, with lemony and berry like brightness. We’ve blended these beans after roasting with our Brazil Cerrado. By combining these two beans, we have been able to bring out the best features of each coffee- the caramelly and nutty flavors of the Brazil Cerrado, and the bright citrus tones of the Guji. The result in the cup is complex and evolving. Black and hot it tastes of dark chocolate and raspberries. As it cools or especially when a touch cream is added the taste evolves…. Like biting into a chocolate cherry cordial!

Availability and prices may change based on the conditions of the coffee market at that time.

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